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In a world already dominated with business and digital marketing-based podcasts, full of people sharing their thoughts, opinions and industry news, GLCast will…. pretty much do the same thing, join us as we talk about industry news, blogs, and stuff whilst sharing our thoughts and opinions. Welcome to GLCast, the official podcast of GLProUK

GLProUK is a digital marketing agency based in London and Surrey fulfilling the digital content requirements of market-leading brands throughout the southeast of the UK, the US and beyond.

Jan 16, 2022

Things don’t always go to plan…

Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zones and think on our feet.

Because running a business isn’t easy…

I discuss all this and more in this episode where the original guest, unfortunately, couldn’t make it!


But, I stepped up to the challenge and I want to help...

Jan 2, 2022

Your social media presence.

Your sales.

Your Purchasing.

Your business as a whole.

We cover it ALL, we left nothing out…

Well, we did. We cut a lot of it out but, it was mainly Jay waffling!

Dal Walton and I discuss the below in this episode and the main reasons these key things are needed to build not only a...

Dec 5, 2021

There seems to be a perception of people who work in the IT industry, and that is that they are all boring.

How do make people listen to you and watch your content when they keep switching off?

Harrison Kauffman is the senior account manager at Total Computer Networks and has cracked the formula to keep his...

Nov 21, 2021

Taking your ideas and turning them into pure eye candy for your brand, that’s what he does.

Who are we talking about? Dave Officer of Doodle Juice Design.

Dave specialises in branding, graphic design, and illustration and takes creativity to a whole new level.

Learn more about Dave...

Nov 7, 2021

An MMA British Champion and a student of martial arts from the age of 4 years old, Aaron-Jon North (otherwise known as AJ,) made the change from fighter to actor. It impacted his mental health and changed the way he viewed the world.

What does it take to be an MMA Fighter?

We have the MMA British Champion Aaron-Jon...