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In a world already dominated with business and digital marketing-based podcasts, full of people sharing their thoughts, opinions and industry news, GLCast will…. pretty much do the same thing, join us as we talk about industry news, blogs, and stuff whilst sharing our thoughts and opinions. Welcome to GLCast, the official podcast of GLProUK

GLProUK is a digital marketing agency based in London and Surrey fulfilling the digital content requirements of market-leading brands throughout the southeast of the UK, the US and beyond.

Apr 1, 2020

People love stories and get absolutely lost in them. The best songs often tell a story. It’s amazing how a short three-minute song can inspire listeners to laugh or move them to tears. It’s in the storytelling, something to which listeners can personally relate.

Books tell a story, of course, even nonfiction books, keeping the readers (or audiobook listeners) engaged, regardless of what’s happening around them. The musicians and authors of these works capture their audience through storytelling. This audio blog looks at ways to create an engaging monologue, and to shake things up a bit its read (or should say performed) by our Producer, Tony Gordon. 

Next week Greg and Jez break down this blog and discuss it in greater detail.